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Logging of end users actions is one of the most common tasks for web site administrators. The usual log includes information regarding which web pages where loaded by the end users, loading and unloading time and referral links.

However, as current internet technology is relying more and more on user actions that are being performed on the client side browser (e.g. mouse movements, scrolling, filling forms, selecting value from drop down menus, etc), many user actions are not logged at all by the site owners.

In fact, the site owners does not even know if some users started to browse a web page but decided to leave it in the middle of using it, or even worst client side errors are usually not reported at all to the site owners.

As a result business opportunities are being lost every day.

ejitSight presents a revolutionary solution by installing server side software that operates at the site owner site and collects all that missing information into a designated database.

No client side install is needed.

Performance is not affected in any way.

The ejitSight GUI allow the site owner to easily analyze the usage of the web site and even perform a perfect replay of end user session.

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  • Log all client side actions.
  • Replay of selected user sessions
  • User behavior analysis in any web site.
  • Billing based on actual client usage.