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Post Training

ejit post training integrates training contents and resources with work processes in real time. It monitors work processes, and offers trainees relevant training content and resources on a Just in Time basis - at the exact moment during the work process in which these resources are required.

For example, if an employee, who was trained in setting up orders, is trying to perform the ordering process, ejit Post Training will automatically recognize the activity, and offer relevant training content at each step of the process, as well as the appropriate documents that are required for completing it.

ejit significantly improves productivity and efficiency resulting from training, and reduces supervision and follow-up overhead. It also allows managers to receive clear indication of employees' productivity and compare it to expectations and norm, and more.

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  • Mapping of training materials to actual tasks
  • Monitoring process progress and offering "Just in Time" guiding content and relevant resources based on training materials.
  • Updating and adding specific content created by employee, based on actual work.
  • Simple setup – considerably faster to set up than similar applications
  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • Affordable
  • Significantly increases post-training productivity

  • Keeps training content and resources synchronized and updated with actual work

  • Increases quality and productivity by allowing employees to share new and updated content in real time

  • Reduces manager's supervision and follow-up overheads