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Complete integration of workflows with "Just in Time"

According to IDC Europe, the average cost of intellectual rework and inability to find content and resources is approximately $5.000 per worker per year. This includes the time wasted on searching information, rework of existing information, and bad decision making due to lack of accurate information at the right time. To read the complete article click here…

ejit framework is an innovative and comprehensive workflow technology, offering seamless integration of workflows with "Just in Time" content and resource allocation. ejit's "Just in Time" capabilities can also be integrated with third party workflows, providing them with a new dimension and added value.

In addition, ejit offers extensive monitoring options, giving managers the power of monitoring processes in real-time that are normally difficult or impossible to monitor, and receive valuable information concerning employees' productivity and planning implementation.

ejit technology significantly improves productivity and efficiency, and reduces supervision and follow-up overheads. It prevents intellectual rework and dramatically reduces the time spent on searching contents and resources. ejit technology is simple to set up and easy to use, and can be fully customized to individual requirements.

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  • ejit middle Tier : linking suppliers with customers - combining supplier and customer workflows into a single integrated process
  • ejit post training: Integrating training content and resources with work processes in real time.
  • ejit professional services manager: Integrating financial processes and planning with real time work processes and implementation, regardless of work environments and platforms.
  • ejit BPM : A Business Process Manager that integrates workflows with just in time capabilities