Just in Time
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Just in Time

ejit attaches relevant contents and resources to specific workflow tasks, on a "Just in Time" basis - at the moment that workflow tasks are being performed. The content and resources are available by various communication means (online, mail, sms, etc.) including customized solutions, ensuring content and resources availability throughout the work process, including field service.

ejit keeps content synchronized and updated with actual work processes, allowing employees to add modified and updated content, which is instantly available to anyone in the organization. ejit Just in Time capabilities can be implemented together with ejit's built-in advanced workflow engine, or seamlessly integrated with other third party workflow technologies.

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ejit Technology
  • Provide "Just in Time" content and resources
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Retain consistency and quality, especially in infrequent tasks
  • Reduce learning and training overheads
  • Reduce support, supervision and follow-up overheads
  • New and updated resources are instantly available to all the organization
  • Faster to implement, easier to use, and more affordable than other workflow solutions