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ejit offers extensive monitoring options, giving managers the power of real-time monitoring of processes that are normally difficult or impossible to monitor. Managers can also receive clear indications of employees' productivity, compare the productivity level of employees, and compare process planning with actual process implementation.

ejit uses advanced technology that collects information in real time, using customized information agents. The agents can be configured to monitor any specific task that has been defined in the system
The technology allows historical analysis compared to the present process, designed to identify deviations, and monitoring of the actual stage in each process, expressed in numerical values.

For example, monitoring of employees productivity is expressed in work hours, other productivity units, etc. This information can also be presented graphically on a monitoring dashboard. ejit allows comparing the productivity of several employees, as well as comparing planned productivity to actual productivity.
Process-linked aspects such as customer delay days, office overhead, etc. can also be monitored.

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ejit Technology
  • Provide "Just in Time" content and resources
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Retain consistency and quality, especially in infrequent tasks
  • Reduce learning and training overheads
  • Reduce support, supervision and follow-up overheads
  • New and updated resources are instantly available to all the organization
  • Faster to implement, easier to use, and more affordable than other workflow solutions