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Web applications which make heavy use of JavaScript and DOM pose a problem when trying to obtain meaningful logging data: Much of the code of a rich client web application (e.g. AJAX) runs on the client side, modifying the appearance of the page and processing user input without contacting the web server. Instead, the server is only contacted in case data needs to be obtained from the servers (i.e. databases, load new pages).

This approach offers several advantages for developers and users of AJAX applications: The web application can often respond to user actions much more quickly, and fewer server resources are needed because the server does not need to recreate the entire graphical layout whenever one detail of the layout changes.

However, from the point of view of someone who wants to obtain detailed information about what people are doing on their web pages, an AJAX application presents a challenge: The data recorded by HTTP servers in their log files is not sufficient to get detailed usage information. With AJAX, there is a separation of client-side code for the user interface and server-side code for application data retrieval/storage.This means that the wrong kind of data (the client-server data exchange) is logged in the server’s log, and some crucial information is missing, such as timestamps of specific user actions.

ejit presents it's Non-invasive and flexible logging system - No changes are necessary to the server-side pages, as this is not be possible for many production websites. Furthermore, no installation of additional software is necessary at the client side – this is not be accepted by the end users due to security concerns.

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